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Haul-Off Belts

Strong tensile and contact forces, high speeds, and enormous heat development make our product indispensable for your machinery. Our seamless belts combined with our customised coating methods provide increased durability and a longer lifecycle, optimising your production processes.

Special haul-off belts for caterpillar machines, which are commonly used in the cable, wire, tube, moulding and plastic-extrusion industries, are our speciality. Here, our haul-off belts ensure smooth transportation of the haul-off material.

Processing Belts and Wrapper Belts

The unique requirements of processing belts and wrapper belts are our strength. According to your needs, we will develop an endless woven product for you in different dimensions and thicknesses – if desired, with additional specifications, such as antistatic or non-stick effects.

Our special processing and conveyor belts are currently used in the steel, metal, foil, paper, abrasives and leather industries.

Innovative, tailored to your needs and always a step ahead of the times.

Winding Belts

We have been developing and optimising winding belts since day one. In close cooperation with our customers, we design products of the highest quality. At this point, making the right choice is essential. Only the right winding belt guarantees smooth production processes. Trust in our many years of expertise.

Windingbelts are the central link between the machine and your end product, and they are an essential feature for quality and efficiency. Currently, our winding belts are mainly used in the production of paper and cardboard tubes.

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